Santa Cruz Post Cards

The first rolls of film I ever shot were of my friends bodyboarding in Del Mar and the La Jolla reefs. I had a blast this weekend being a tourist in Santa Cruz. I've never been to this part of Santa Cruz before and was so pumped to see these two different waves working right out front of where we were staying.  

Studio Portrait with White Background with Two Lights.

Studio photography can be challenging, you may not know what the light is doing or where it's bleeding out to but luckily we live in the digital age and experimenting is practically free. I've always liked the clean crisp white backgrounds and they can be shot in a number of ways. You can get very complicated set-ups and use multiple lights to light the background but then you run into spacing issues and a lot of the time you are left with light bouncing off the background creating a cloudy look in your photos that is impossible to hide in PS. 

Recently I tried to use one huge umbrella with a white cover over it to make the white background, to my surprise it works perfectly. So long as your subject is small enough to fit within the umbrella, and large enough to cover the flash head you can do away with the background and additional lighting it takes to light that background effectively. 

The image below is two lights firing, one serving as the background and one light in a silver beauty dish to create a crisp look for this BW portrait. It was a pretty standard looking image of my friend until I told him to brush his hair back the wrong way for one shot. 

You can see that the white background is actually white and evenly lit. This is an effective way to light people if your space is limited and the results are going to be a close up headshot. obviously this won't work if you are looking to photograph a three quarters look or a full body but it's a nice compact set up to get the headshots you want without all the extra gear. 

Questions? Let me know in an email on the Contact page and I'd be happy to answer any questions. 


Sacramento Kings Instagram Takeover by Kevin Fiscus @fiscusphoto

Sacramento Kings fans showed up last night despite the intense rain storm pummeling the area. DeMarcus Cousins had a stellar game and rained down a few key three pointers to help seal the win late in the game. All this with continued chants from the crowd, "M V P!"

At this game we celebrated Equality Night in partnership with the Sacramento LGBT Community Center. The Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus performed the National Anthem, and Special guest Jason Collins was in the building who was named of one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2014.

A big thank you to the digital team that just won the NBA's Digital Innovator Award. I was honored to host the Instagram takeover. The Golden 1 Center is amazing and provides so many opportunities to photograph the space. My favorite moments always have action or some type of energy. I only wish I could share more so I put together some of my favorite moments below, I hope you enjoy. 

Go Kings! Vote Boogie for MVP!

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