Sacramento Barber Portraits Photographed by Kevin Fiscus

Because I never go into Barber shops (I’m bald-ish and cut my own remaining hair) this is a portrait showcase of the Barbers in Sacramento. The series is all shot on one disposable camera and presented in the order they were photographed.

Creativity+ challenged some Sacramento Photographers to create a project with a disposable camera, I immediately started thinking about what to highlight and I always came back to portraits.

Most of my work consists of portraits of people in their workplace and I needed a good angle or subject to fill an entire roll of film. I’ve had this idea recently of doing portraits in places that I tend not to go, it was either barber shops or tattoo parlor. I’m a bit jealous of all the cool hairstyles people get nowadays, I don’t have the good hair so I don’t spend time in barbershops and this was the perfect opportunity to portray a slice of the working barbers in Midtown. They’re all photographed in between haircuts in their shops in Downtown and Midtown Sacramento.

The idea is loosely based off a couple other projects I did with portraits of Strangers and other Mom and Pop business portraits I did in 2009 during the recession.

This set of portraits was done on the spot with Barbers in their workplace over the course of three days. The challenge was to create a cohesive look within the constrains of the camera’s technical limitations. I tried to stay very similar with the look of each portrait while celebrating the unique differences of each space.