Great Headshots Make All The Difference

"We need a picture of you for the office website" are the last words most people want to hear. It's inherently awkward to get your photo taken professionally, I get it, I recently had the same thing happen. I was a contributing photographer in this month's issue Sacramento Magazine, they said we need a photo of you and a bio. I did a quick mental check through my photos and knew none of my existing images would work. I came to the uncomfortable conclusion that I needed a new photo of my face.

I first enlisted the help of two very good photographers who are buddies and we shot some pictures in the studio that were well lit but the vibe was off, we were grabbing pictures in between stupid jokes and the awkwardness of being in front of the camera stifled the shots and made them feel forced. Forced business pictures don't look good ever. The next day I had a friend come over in the afternoon and I set up a different look in the studio and he got a great shot that I feel actually looks like me. It's in the eyes every time. 

Kevin Fiscus headshot photographed in the studio by Arkadiy Yaslynskiy

Kevin Fiscus headshot photographed in the studio by Arkadiy Yaslynskiy

When I'm at awards dinners and the emcee is announcing winners I cringe when I see most of the photos. Ouch, here you are being recognized by a large crowd of your industry peers and they pulled your Facebook selfie to use on the projector. Bummer! I've seen this far too often and its not a good look.

Don't let this happen to you. We work to tell your story even in your business portrait or Headshot. Everything in the photo says something about you and your business. I work tirelessly to create a custom look for you and your staff. 

Expert makeup and hair services provided by Christie Reynolds who is hands down the best in town.

Contact me today to start the process of updating your online look. Below you'll find a sampling of the images we've created for business people all over the state of California.